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Legal Word

Word Foundation


LeanED Tames Microsoft Word for Everybody

  1. Format characters and paragraphs, including font, font size, indents and tabs.
  2. Efficiently navigate through a document.
  3. Create and edit basic tables.
  4. Modify a document's layout, including margins, headers and footers, and page breaks.
  5. Select appropriate print settings and publish documents in a variety of formats.
  6. Incorporate graphics into documents and control their position, size, and orientation.
  7. Manage the various page numbering options.
  8. Print documents, envelopes, labels, and other materials.

Course Fee $270

  • This is a 3-hour remotely hosted course. It is designed to be taken over any 3 days that you choose, as long as
    • the days selected are a weekday and
    • there are no more than 3 business days between each class.
  • You can select the time of each class, depending on availability. Classes are offered between 9am CST and 8pm CST.
  • You should have the latest version of the software installed and running on your computer prior to the class.