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It's Your Calling

It’s Your Calling

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It's Your Calling helps you find satisfying employment by focusing on the most important element in the job search--YOU. You're at your best when you can clearly and compellingly describe what you can offer a business.  That's why It's Your Calling is a one-on-one online experience with me, Garrett Ellison, the president of LeanED. The course is divided into four independent one-hour Workshops that can be taken individually or as a package.

It's Your Calling 1: Confirming Your Interest -- Get an objective analysis of your career interests. Leverage what you learn to focus your job search. 

It's Your Calling 2: Understanding Your Value--Learn how to inventory and package your skills so you know what you have to offer. With your inventory in hand, see all the businesses that want what you have to offer. You'll be surprised what you discover.

It's Your Calling 3: Communicating Your Value--When you understand your value, make sure others can appreciate it, too. Learn to write and test a resume that will get you past the bots, develop a personable personal biography, design a solid Social Media presence, and set yourself apart from the crowd by handing out more than just business cards.

It's Your Calling 4: Proving Your Case--Learn how to make the best impression during a screening call and how to avoid stress if you're team-interviewed. Understand the process from the interviewers' standpoint and how you can make their jobs easier and your chances greater.

Each workshop includes instructional materials, complete with examples, explanations, tips, and reliable curated links. Plus, you'll have me as your cheerleader and coach during each webinar. 

LeanED's goal is to give you great confidence for your next great job!

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