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Catalog of LeanED Courses

LeanED is proud to offer courses in the following subject areas. If there's a course you'd like to add to the list, please let us know:


Learning the basic business applications is a great first step toward getting hired. It's never too late and, with LeanED, it's convenient, effective, and satisfying.

Access Beginner

Understand database basics and then design and create an Access database; develop basic reports, write and execute database queries, and work with Views.

Access Intermediate

Develop complex Access databases, create validated fields, join tables, develop calculated fields and field masks.

Access Advanced

Use Cross-Tab queries, learn about Access's database security features, and use macros to enhance the user experience.

Excel Beginner

Master the concept behind how a spreadsheet works, how to navigate Excel, manage cells, rows, columns, create charts and graphs, and work with conditional formulas.

Excel Intermediate

Experience Excel formulas used with lists;learn how to use dates and time formulas safely; work with Pivot Tables, multiple workbooks and employ formatting for maximum spreadsheet clarity and ease of use.

Excel Advanced (Non-Financial)

Expand your knowledge of formulas by learning VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, and other Lookup and Reference functions; create data entry forms, and discover the versatility of Excel's drawing tools and how macros can simplify repetitive tasks.

FileMaker® Pro

Create FileMaker database forms, reports, and applications; great way for a non-programmer to develop cost-effective solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses.


Develop professional PowerPoint presentations using built-in and custom templates, easily arrange graphics and text on slides, create tables, generate dynamic charts and graphs, control pagination. Add headers and footers, include diagrams, control PowerPoint's presentation timing, develop animations, remove sensitive information automatically.

Project Beginner

Build and manage a small project in MS Project, including creating a work breakdown structure, managing resources, estimating task durations, and monitoring project activities.

Project Intermediate

Work with Project's various resource types, manage issues and risks; apply mitigations, collect and input project progress reports.

Project Advanced

Use Project's Earned Value calculation features to monitor current and projected schedule and costs, develop easy-to-update project reports for management and project team.

QuickBooks Pro Beginner

Set up a company in QuickBooks; create invoices, sales receipts, and customer statements; generate billing, purchase orders.

QuickBooks Pro Intermediate

Process paychecks, customize forms, create reports, learn Quickbooks' online banking features, prepare payroll.

QuickBooks Pro Advanced

Learn to use QuickBook's banking features, such as reconciling, handling bounced checks, voiding and deleting checks, plus close books and perform other recurring tasks.

Word Beginner

Gain confidence with Word's basics features to easily create and manage documents; format text, lists, and paragraphs; create tables and insert graphics.

Word Intermediate

Use Word's Style features to control formatting of long documents; create and distribute document templates; master Mail Merge, Track Changes, and other document review tools.

Word Advanced

Deep dive into Word's document layout features, manage references (footnotes, citations, etc.), create equations, and develop macros to increase productivity.


Want to learn how to improve your web site's conversion rate? Join an online cohort of 4 other entrepreneurs like yourself who have the same goal. We'll be working with your live site, if you have one, or help you as you plan it.

Facebook Insights

Use Insights to see where to improve your site's effectiveness, including its reach and audience targeting, plus explore other ways to measure return on your social media investment.

Google AdWords™

Learn how to use AdWord to manage your paid web marketing campaign, including Pay Per Click, choosing the right keywords, and understanding your Quality Score.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Learn how search engines rank sites, and use SEO techniques to improve your site's organic search results; increase traffic and conversion rates through effective content, links, design, and analysis.


Join a studio of 4 cohorts and lift your skill with these tools up to the level of your artistic ability.  These courses offer Real World Check-In.

CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 2017

Learn to use this vector drawing and illustration tool not only to develop designs but to work with photos, fonts, and scanned images; use CorelDRAW's LiveSketch and vector previews to enhance the creative experience.


Use Framemaker's built-in and custom templating features to create structured and unstructured technical documentation; learn how to reuse and personalize content using DITA.


Create illustrations using pen tool, work with colors and typefaces; use Illustrator's brushes, blends, and gradients.


See how to use InDesign to layout a publication, flow in text, create and apply styles, automate repetitive tasks; publish for print and for the web and other electronic platforms.


Use PhotoShop's tools to modify image color and size, apply filters and masks; work with channels, layers and effects; learn what it takes to prepare deliverables for use in print and on the web.


Design and layout pages for print, eBooks, and other publications; use new image and vector tools; learn how to use QuarkXPress to create interactive content for mobile devices.


Reskill courses are for you if you've already mastered a programming language and need to learn a new one quickly and effectively. These classes offer Real World Check-In.


Learn C# and you will understand why this language from Microsoft is so popular among programmers; it is supported by the .NET framework that greatly simplifies web development, security implementation, and much more.


Knowing JavaScript is a basic expectation among employers if you are a programmer; it is a versatile language, easy to learn, and is used practically everywhere programming is done.

Apache™ Hadoop®

If you plan to work with Big Data, you will need Hadoop experience; it is the leading solution for super large, data-intensive applications that store data across a large server base.

Perl 5

System administrators learn Perl to write CGI scripts and to connect backend programs; it's pattern matching capabilities outclass most other existing languages.


Learn PHP to develop powerful web sites forms, manipulate web database contents, create dynamic web content, and more.


Python knowledge enables you to deliver the same functionality as Javascript but on the server side; it's great for the visualization tasks required in the data sciences; and it has a large and mature standard library.

Ruby on Rails™

Learn the Ruby programming language and the Rails framework that makes web site development on this platform intuitive and fast.


Use SQL to query and manipulate databases associated with web sites and other applications.


Develop applications for devices running Apple's operating systems; it is easy for beginners to use but packs a lot of capability for the professional developer.


Are you lost when a business meeting suddenly turns into a discussion about the web and related technologies? Do you have a small business and need to build and maintain a basic web site? This mini-camp will de-mystify the web by teaching you through hands-on experience what it takes to build a site, programming and all. 

Web Site Development Basics

Start out by learning what the web is and move onto HTML5 and CSS3 to create a web site; dive into programming fundamentals and use Javascript to make your site more interactive; finally, connect your site to an SQL database and use MySQL™ to manage the data.


Effective communication lies at the heart of most successful endeavors. These courses will help you sharpen your oral and written skills.

Topic-Based Writing

Write instructions that help end users focus on the task at hand. You will receive guidance and plenty of practice to produce clear, concise instructions.

Writing Application Programming Interface (API) Documentation

Write useful, maintainable, and popular APIs. Understand the API documentation lifecycle and how to communicate and work with your development team effectively.

Running Successful Virtual Meetings

Learn how to handle the unique challenges of virtual meetings, including why certain hand gestures are critical in a phone conference, how to tell when some participants are not engaged, and how to manage through technical difficulties.


Get the exact skill you want when you want it. LeanED workshops prepare you with innovative interactive materials to get you productive quickly. Schedule a session with an Expert Practitioner to develop mastery by observing best practices in action and getting your questions answered.


Vlookup is one of the handiest tools to have in your Excel skill set. It's also one of those functions most employers expect you to know. Learn how to use Vlookup to search practically any Excel table.

It's Your Calling

It's Your Calling is a series of workshops designed to help you land your next job. These one-on-one online workshops equip you to understand your interests and identify your skills; package them for maximum impact; describe them in a resume, personal biography, and more; and give you interviewing chops to represent yourself well.