LeanED Training and Consulting
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LeanED Foundation Courses

LeanED Foundation courses get you up and running with the application skills and knowledge you need to achieve competency. You leave the course with a LeanED Portfolio: a record of what you did and how you did it. But LeanED goes beyond getting you started by extending your learning opportunities after the course. You'll have access to additional instructional materials, including guides and a growing database of LeanED Skill Builder Tips and blogs.


Learning the basic business applications is a great first step toward getting hired. It's never too late and, with LeanED, it's convenient, effective, and satisfying.


Master the concept behind how a spreadsheet works, how to navigate Excel, manage cells, rows, columns, create charts and graphs, and work with conditional formulas.


Gain confidence with Word's basics features to easily create and manage documents; format text, lists, and paragraphs; create tables and insert graphics.


Deep dive into Word's document layout features, manage references (footnotes, citations, etc.), create equations, and develop macros to increase productivity.

Get the exact skill you want when you want it. LeanED workshops prepare you with innovative interactive materials to get you productive quickly. Schedule a session with an Expert Practitioner to develop mastery by observing best practices in action and getting your questions answered.


Vlookup is one of the handiest tools to have in your Excel skill set. It's also one of those functions most employers expect you to know. Learn how to use Vlookup to search practically any Excel table.

It's Your Calling

It's Your Calling is a series of workshops designed to help you land your next job. These one-on-one online workshops equip you to understand your interests and identify your skills; package them for maximum impact; describe them in a resume, personal biography, and more; and give you interviewing chops to represent yourself well.