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About LeanED

About the Founder

Garrett Ellison

Garrett Ellison

Garrett Ellison believes that anyone can overcome obstacles and experience personal and professional fulfilment. This belief is the natural result of Garrett’s curiosity, enthusiasm for learning, and his ability to see the unimaginable potential of the people he meets.

Garrett has always been curious. As a child, he could often be found in the alley quizzically peering into the guts of discarded radios, televisions, and anything else that contained wires and circuit boards. If he wasn't in the alley, he was at the library checking out books about science and technology, history, and adventure. At night he fell asleep while reading or practicing his hand at writing like his favorite authors. He soon discovered that the only way to understand the world was to ask a lot of questions, and so he determined that he would become a journalist.

Garrett attended the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree. However, instead of pursuing newspaper journalism, a greater wisdom led him to World Book Encyclopedia in Chicago where, as an assistant editor, he could learn about literally everything. During his extensive career at World Book, Garrett moved from the Editorial Department to the Electronic Products area. There he developed educational activities and supplements for company products that aligned with school curriculums. He also created product training programs to familiarize the sales force and school and library customers with World Book electronic products. Garrett taught himself systems design and programming and later became a central contributor to the development of one of the world's first CD-ROM and online encyclopedias. Eventually he was promoted to director of the department. Garrett joined Abbott and later AbbVie where as a senior IT project manager he led teams in the delivery on multi-million-dollar projects.

The creation of LeanED, LLC, marks the next phase of Garrett’s journey. He founded the internet-based service to meet the need for a truly effective and equitable training process that is responsive to people’s interests, time constraints, and desire to be competitive in today’s marketplace. It is Garrett’s curiosity, enthusiasm, and belief in people that will drive him to achieve these goals for those he serves, in ways both unique and inspiring.

About LeanED Practitioners

We call them Practitioners because not only do they teach, they teach from experience. They've worn different hats before working with LeanED learners:

  • University Professors
  • Managers
  • Senior Project Managers
  • Software Engineers
  • Graphic Artists
  • Video Editors

Practitioners are hand-picked for their knowledge of their fields and ability to identify and demonstrate the vital skills that must be mastered to be successful. They bring the concepts in the LeanED instructional materials to life by showing how they are really used in their industries.