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It's All About Delivery

Whether you're freelancing or holding down a full-time job, being employable means you're training on the tools of your trade and delivering. Traditional training where everything is thrown at you whether you need it or not won't cut it--it's impersonal, not focused on you and your priorities, and doesn't give you that deep-down satisfaction that you've been through a transformational training experience.

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LeanED Training Can Help

LeanED is all about empowering you to deliver your best. We are a team of expert practitioners from many fields who believe you'll learn faster and better through experiential, just-in-time training. We don't teach at you, we offer a learning experience that is fueled by your desire to excel. Find out more.

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LeanED Remote Learning

 Train Remotely

Join a LeanED online class from home, or wherever you are, via video and audio conferencing. Your virtual classroom is where you, your Practitioner, and four classmates will meet for demonstrations, instruction, and assistance. Check that you have the basic requirements for video and audio conferencing.


Multiple Class Times

You can register for a morning, afternoon, or evening LeanED course. Although most training occurs over a five-day period, only two or three days involve actual remote class time. The rest of the time is reserved for completing class work and your project.



LeanED doesn't spoon feed. Instead, we help you learn through our own blend of personal interaction, engagement, application, and challenge. Here's what to expect when you take a LeanED course.

Avoid the Obvious

As an adult, you bring experience into your training. So, instead of repeating what you already know, we concentrate on broadening your knowledgebase and skill set.


Project Based Training

At LeanED we like to keep it real, so we encourage you to bring an actual project to work on during your training. Projects are a great way to see how a collection of skills solves problems. You can also choose from our curated suite of projects.

Student Engaged Training

You'll participate in class critiques where cohort members present their projects and give and receive advice. Between classes, students assist each other through a private messaging channel when questions arise.


Real-World Application

LeanED stresses learning-by-doing, which is why each student chooses a project for completion by the end of the course. We encourage you to bring examples of the type of work you expect to produce for clients or employers.

Photo by gradyreese/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by gradyreese/iStock / Getty Images


Practitioners model professional methods and practices and help you acquire those skills. However, Practitioners don't answer all of your questions. Why? It's been proven that people learn best and experience the greatest satisfaction when their training has them discover answers on their own.


A Rewarding Experience

Few experiences match the feeling of being confident when you once were unsure. LeanED wants that to be your experience.

Why Learn with LeanED?

Typical Learning Experience

Changes in professional life are constant and happen lightning fast. To stay professionally relevant, you've got to keep training and growing. Most training programs make that difficult. Ever have to travel to a class and listen with 10 or 15 others while a trainer clicks through a PowerPoint about a topic you easily could have figured out on your own? Whatever hands-on time you had was brief. Have a question about a situation you're facing only to have it put in the "parking lot" to perhaps be answered at the end of class? We know, we've taken those classes too.

LeanED Learning Experience

What you experience in a LeanED class is different. It can be summed up in three words: Convenient because you can attend class from practically anywhere. Interactive because you help design your training curriculum and there's plenty of input from your Practitioner and classmates. Relevant because you gain skills and experience that translate directly into productivity for your clients or employer.